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Nije fer da prvo predstavimo mamu, ali svi pitate cije je ovo dete. Nada Rotbart iz Novog Sada (koju mozete da vidite iz mladjih dana na nekim slikama iz Pirovca) je ponosna mama jednog dvometrasa (ni to nije fer jer Robert ima 216cm) i buduceg svetskog kosarkaskog asa.

    Rating: 5 star (najvise)
Robert Rothbart
Class: 2004
Height: 216cm
Weight: 225
Position: Center
School: Monta Vista (Cupertino)
rangiran je 15-ti u Americi od svih high school igraca

Robert je rodjen u Sarajevu, ima danas 18 godina,  sa 6 godina otisao u Izrael. Kad je napunio 8 godina cela porodica je presla u Kaliforniju (ljudi shvatili da obecana zemlja nije Ca...naan nego Ca...lifornia - znate svi taj vic??) 

Pred njim je sigurno NBA ili Evropska liga, a trenutno se priprema za univerzitet i naravno College Basketball Team.

Evo sta o njemu pisu profesionalci (najlepse je u zakljucku, Potencijal - moze da igra za svaku ekipu koju zazeli):

Strengths: Over seven feet, supposedly not done growing, and can do almost
everything on the floor. However, what makes Robert such a freak at the
high school level and a player more whispered to have an NBA career than
anyone else in NorCal, begins with his coordination and his vision of the
game nlike players half his size. In one game, Robert strided twenty feet
across the court to block a shot, sprinted out on the lane, caught a bad
pass from the point guard, put the ball on the floor, went between his
legs, and slammed the rock over two defenders. Now, they weren't D1
players, but that point is moot. When was the last time any of you saw a
seven footer even run down the court without falling over himself, let
alone make a coordinated move to the basket?

Offensively, Robert has almost a full set of tools even though he reminds
us of Ralph Sampson when he's doing dribbling tricks on the perimeter.
Great hands, great fluid coordination, and good foot speed make him a
complete anomaly. Not a pure visionary with the ball, Robert can make
almost any pass not required by a PG and many passes not capable by many
full time PGs. He understands movement of his teammates and comprehends
shifting of the defense, indicating coaching from when he was very young.
With the ball in his hands, he can put it on the floor against smaller
defenders and keep possession because of a decent handle and because he's
so long. When he decides to shoot, the range extends past the three-point
line and with solid accuracy. Robert has very good shot fundamentals though
he's a tad thin, so his shot gets forced when he's out of breath.
Mid-range, he's got a discernable jump shot and can finish around the
basket with either hand. Though he doesn't use his left that often, he can
call upon the offhand when needed. Instead, he uses a repertoire of right
handed jump hooks, little bank shots, and lay-ups around the bucket to
account for the bulk of his points. Oh, yeah. He can also throw down hard
and from a little distance.

Defensively, Robert is a terror because of his length and because he
doesn't stumble or move haphazardly around the paint. He does have limited
strength but he can athletically get over and around offensive players to
make up for his lack of ability to bang. One on one in the block, he does
need some work on his footwork to manipulate an opponent, but his timing on
shot blocks is superb. Even though he likes the power block like most kids,
one can see the teaching again from an early age as he keeps most blocked
shots in play, making defense more than just a physical statement but a
transition into offense. Robert rebounds decently but is most limited by
his lack of bulk and strength. Since he has good hands and very good feet,
he gets around blockouts and can reach over smaller players for boards
without making unnecessary contact.

Weaknesses: Strength is the biggest problem. Rarely is a player of Robert's
height also blessed with bulk, and Robert's no exception. However, his lack
of size has aided his coordination and given him the ability to really play
more of a swing than ending up as a traditional center. In reference to his
skills, each aspect of his game needs some work, but all in the context
that he's a future NBA player, not merely a good high school player pining
to play in college somewhere. Robert projects as a SF at the next level and
the level after so his merely decent handles by SF standards need some

On the perimeter, Robert needs to be able to make moves from a jump stop or
a catch without appearing thoughtful or slow in the process. The moves to a
jumper or the moves to the basket must be quick, predetermined, and
calculated. The left hand must develop and develop major use now. Good,
smaller defenders easily manipulate larger, thin players if they are only
one handed. Since Robert isn't a freak of nature athlete like Amare
Stoudemire who can't be stopped going to his right, he needs counter moves
to his left starting with a jump hook to 10 feet.

Inside, Robert cannot be limited to merely being able to score because he's
taller. With his exceptional feet, he needs teaching to develop moves in
the post that can free him for anything from a drop step smash to a step
back jumper. Finally, he needs to stop settling for the easy route. Since
few players can match his length, Robert often chooses to challenge himself
by stepping out and shooting long jumpers or making dribble moves against
guards. Instead, he needs to think like a dominant player who always takes
the toughest the defense can offer, but by force. This concept needs
reinforcement because domination requires moving without the ball and being
in exceptional shape, two things Robert does not do well right now. In
short, extensive work on moving away then back to the ball, catching on the
run and making good, solid moves, and learning to dominant everyone, every
game are required to take him from a prospect to the truth.

Overall Assessment: Robert is easily the best true big man prospect out of
NorCal since Darnell Robinson. Not an undersized power player learning the
SF slot like Phil Ricci and even Leon Powe, Robert has the length and the
movement required of the new generation big man. Blessed with the ability
to run, catch, pass, and dribble, not to mention shoot, he's a much smaller
player in a very long body. Truly in the mold of a Dirk Nowitzki, but with
the potential to be a playmaker and creator like Toni Kukoc, even the
limits of playing an athletic and powerful Kevin Garnett-style game are not
out of the question.

Projected college potential: Basically, anywhere he wants. The biggest
thing limiting Robert from being considered one of the Top 5 players in his
class and rumored to make the jump to the NBA is the lack of polish on his
skills and his lack of strength. Yet, when one talks to major D1 schools,
he's viewed as a position-less player who would never leave the floor,
possibly playing four positions. One Pac-10 assistant commented when we
asked about Robert's projected position, "Player." We asked to elaborate
and he said, "He's just a player. At that height with those skills and that
coordination, he's an NBA player in two years of college." As for which
schools, look for Cal to make a major push for Robert since Amit Tamir will
depart after next season, not to mention every other major D1 school in the
nation. For those of you looking for a prep comparison think Ekene Ibekwe
from Carson with a better shot and five inches taller.