The exhibition in The Ethnographical Museum in Belgrade

Between Tradition and Fashion - Garments of Belgrade Jews end of XIX and first half of XX Century

...As an index of social relations and circumstances, stratification and identity, the costume contains many meanings and could be viewed as a non-verbal system of communications, relevant for understanding of social processes. Since the way of dressing, in addition to climate, is determined also by the environment with its accepted current style, Jews have nourished a particularity in many spheres of their common lives in Serbian and Oriental environment, but they also received influences from the majority of population. 

The research of Jewish customs, music, costume, language, mutual relationships and life in general is interesting

because of peculiarities which set Jews apart in Serbian environment since despite geographical dispersion, Jews

remained faithful to certain aspects of their original cultures based on which they were considered a separate cultural



Beogradske novine  6 april 1918

Mosa S Mandilo 1851- 1934