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Coordinator Davor Salom

Federation of Jewish Communities in
Serbia and Montenegro

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Organized by Jewish community of Belgrade and Jewish Historical Museum :

Date: September 5, 2004

·         10:00-22:00 : "Omanut" whole day exhibition by local Jewish artists
Jewish Community Center

  • 10:00-17:00 : Jewish Historical Museum
    Open to public
  • 10:00-18:00 : Guided tours of Dorcol-Jewish quarter/Jewish cemetery/Synagogue Sukkat Shalom
  • 18:00 : Program on European Day of Jewish Culture
    Jewish Community Center
    1/. Welcome speech Rabbi Yitzhak Asiel. 2/. Choir Baruh Brothers. 3/. Jewish heritage and education in Belgrade-lecture by Milica Mihalovic, director of Jewish historical museum. 4/. Sephardic songs- Stefan Sablic, Chazzan of Sukkat Shalom Synagogue. 5/. Education and Judaism, lecture by Rabbi Yitzhak Asiel. 6/. Israeli Folk dancing performance by "Nahar Ha esch" dance group. 7/. Ladino romances "
    King David Theatre ".

·         20:30 : Cocktail /by invitation only/
Jewish Community Center


NOVI SAD - Organized by Jewish community - Mira Obradovic, coordinator:

·         September 4, 2004 at 19h00: City Art Gallery
Purim masques-Exhibition. Dram performance by children theatre JC Novi Sad.

·         September 5, 2004 . : 11:00: Lecture on Jewish Education in Serbia , Diaspora , Israel
Jewish Community center

  • 18:00 : Synagogue
    Welcome by president of JC Novi Sad. Lecture on Theodore Hercl and Nenad Mitrov. Art club exhibition. Concert: Choir Ha Shira-Israeli folk dances: "Mayan".

·         20:30 : Reception and cocktail at the City hall given by Mayor of Novi Sad /by invitation only/


PANCEVO - Organized by Jewish community - Barbara Panic, coordinator:

Date: September 5, 2004 .

6.30 p.m : City library

1.      Presentation of the European Day of Jewish Culture.

    1. "Songs of Songs"- read in Hebrew.
    2. "Kabala and Literature", lecture by Filip David, writer.
    3. Exhibition of books published in the country related to Jewish history, Judaism, language.

5.      Video clips on life in Israel .


SUBOTICA - Organized by "Shalom", cultural society, Nikola Novkov, coordinator:

Date: September 5, 2004 .

·         Synagogue
Open from 9-19h free entrance. 
Concert, Klazmer band from
Budapest 19h. Free entrance.  

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

Sunday 5th September 2004



Across Europe, in 25 countries, the European Day of Jewish Culture (EDJC) has taken place on Sunday 5th of September 2004 in order to enable the public to discover the cultural and historical heritage of Judaism. Thanks to open doors, guided tours, exhibitions, lectures or concerts, the wider public was invited during one entire day to visit the synagogues, the cemeteries, the ritual baths or the ancient Jewish town quarters and to get to discover the place of education in Judaism. Following last year’s theme of "Judaism and the Arts", this year, the coordinating partners of the EDJC chose "Judaism and Education". This theme enabled a new approach to Jewish heritage where the transmission of religious teaching to all generations and communal and family life experience have crucial places.


Thus, in Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, solidarity enabled the uniting of over 10 000 volunteers and institutional persons working to organise all these events. Jewish associations, history groups, tourist boards, municipalities, museums, artists, students, all worked toward the preparation of this day, the official programme being spread through the Internet site, which was created for this purpose, namely


Launched in 1996 in the Bas-Rhin (Alsace/France), under the Open Day formula by the Jewish association B'nai B'rith Hirschler in Strasbourg, in partnership with the Agence de Développement Touristique du Bas-Rhin, (Tourist board of Lower Alsace), the day was progressively extended and became the European Day of Jewish Culture in 2000. This year, for the fifth edition, the event was co-organised on the European level by three structures : B’nai B’rith Europe, the European Council of Jewish Communities and the Spanish Route of Judaism (Red de Juderias de Espana) and its success and growing appeal were confirmed. More than 500 activities organised in 300 cities across 25 countries gathered over an estimated 100 000 visitors.


Beyond this extraordinary day devoted to the encounter with the public, the organisers wish to promote and help preserve Jewish heritage, which is an integral part of Europe's cultural heritage. The creation of European Routes of Jewish Heritage (which is to been seen as extending the European Day of Jewish Culture) passed a decisive step this year. Recognized officially as a Cultural Itinerary of the Council of Europe, the European Route of Jewish Heritage has just been launched. The first plaque highlighting the European Route of Jewish Heritage which will be put up on a Lithuanian wooden synagogue will be inaugurated on the 9th of September 2004.


For more information: detail of the events online from June 2004 on wards.

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