Jewish Belgrade should be visited starting from the Dorcol neighborhood.

Jalija, Zerek, Danube banks

Menorah in flames

Menora_u_plamenu.jpg (30290 bytes) Menorah in flames - Perished Jews of Dorcol monument by Nandor Glid.  [How to get there]

Oneg Shabbat

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Old Synagogue (The old temple)

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Belgrade's Sephardic synagogue "El kal vjezo" was constructed in the 17th century. It was a single aisled building with rectangular base of 36 x 8 m and semicircular apse on its southern side.  During the centuries the synagogue was damaged many times, but met beginning of the 20th century as the only prayer house of Belgrade Jews. The temple survived the Holocaust period untouched but was demolished in the 1950ties by order of the offical authorities. The foundation of the synagogue still remains.

New Synagogue - gallery of frescoes

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Sava banks

Sajmiste  (staro sajmiste - concentration camp Semlin)

sajam.jpg (21890 bytes)  Sajmiste monument Miodrag Popovic, killed  48,000 people

Dusegupka location

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The place where the suffering started/or ended,  Gas-chamber-truck started here  : 6300 killed

Synagogue Sukkat Shalom

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Jewish cemetery

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There are several monuments at the cemetery in  Belgrade
spomenik Holokausta  Kladovski transport - Austrijanci ubijeni u Sapcu   deca-spanska groznica  i  spomenik palim 1912-1919

There are two cemeteries Askenazi one and Sephardi  jevrejsko groblje still active today

Kralja Petra street

Jewish Community Center

Jewish community of Belgrade is the largest in Serbia - with about 2600 members, although census in Serbia counted only about 700 Jews in all of Serbia?

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Nasa zgrada u Kralja Petra 71a  ima jednu izuzetnu "relikviju" - to je nas lift star 90 godina. Lift je jedan od najstarijih liftova u gradu - mislimo da je cetvrti najstariji lift koji jos radi u Beogradu.

Jewish Historical Museum

Located in the Community building

has its own web site

Federation of Jewish Communities

Located at Kneginje Ljubice 14  - has a web site  

The federation is the roof organization taking care of all the JC of Serbia

Bencion Buli building

Kralja Petra st. 16

Monuments - other places of Holocaust

Topovske supe 

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Concentration camp Banjica

Logor na Banjici


 P7150010.JPG (80135 bytes)  streljano 360 jevreja


- Spomenik  80,000 ěrtava,  rad vajara Vojina Stojića